CIRI (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Risk Reveals Book

Dear Investor,

For your better understanding about the risks of investing the industrial projects of, CIRI (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as “CIRI”) and (herein after referred to as “Website”), in accordance with the regulations of Company Law of the People’s Republic of China, Investment and Financing Service Agreement of CIRI (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as “Service Agreement”), and that of other systems and rules, hereby provide you with this Risk Reveals Book for investment.

If you accept abovementioned Service Agreement and this Risk Reveals Book for investment, it means that you fully understand and aware the risks of investing the industrial projects of the Website, and commit to bearing such risks.

Important Note

1、 The transaction rules of CIRI/the Website are quite different from the business rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Non-listed Company Stock Exchange located at various places and that of the stock quotation transfer. Prior to join the business of the Website, please read carefully about the User Service Agreement of, abovementioned Service Agreement and this Risk Reveals Book.

2、Since the business of CIRI/the Website is at startup phase, related systems and rules are improving continually, please focus on the adjustment and update of related systems and rules, and comply with the systems and rules accordingly.

3、As a platform focusing on the industrial investment projects, the overseas industrial projects in the Website are influenced by the macro policy, industry trend, etc., while the risks as immature management system, non-standard operation, etc. are also existed.

4、CIRI/the Website shall only provide you with the basic information of project owners and the industrial investment projects. Although CIRI/the Website, through making rules and other ways, try to ensure the information released by the tagged industrial investment projects true and effective, no warranties or guarantees of any nature shall be made by CIRI/the Website for the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, legality, timeliness or effectiveness of the information released by project owner or the industrial investment project side on the website. The understanding and use of abovementioned information mainly depend on your investment experiences and your own independent thinking and judges.

5、 No warranties or guarantees of any nature shall be made by CIRI/the Website for your investment profits, transaction conclusion and other matters; CIRI/the Website shall not be borne any liability for your investment losses.

Risk Reveals

By the use of CIRI/the Website online investment services, following risks need to be focused in making investment.

1、Macroeconomic risks: Since the changes of macroeconomic environment and the surrounding market in China, neighboring countries and regions, so that the listed industrial investment projects are in serious volatility, resulting in different levels losses for the value of industrial investment projects. It is possible for you to lose, and you may bear the resulting losses.

2、Policy risks: The change of laws, regulations and related policies in the sector of industrial investment projects or that of the systems and rules of CIRI/ the Website may arouse the violation of industrial investment project operation and the disclosed information. It is possible for you to lose, and you may bear the resulting losses.

3、Company/ Main entity risks: The inner management and outer decision-makers of the industrial investment project are not covered by CIRI/ the Website, therefore, CIRI/ the Website only may disclose the information as much as possible in the permitted scope of laws, regulations and the systems and business rules of the Website. In view of this, you may bear the losses caused by the risks of industrial investment projects.

4、Technical risks: Since the business of CIRI/ the Website is realized through electronic communication technology and computer technology, which are possible to be attacked by hackers and computer viruses. The Website shall make every effort to guarantee the normal operation of the Platform, however, you may undertake the losses of system fault by the failure of your PC or other factors except of the Website Platform.

5、Risks caused by force majeure factors: You may bear the losses for the collapse of the transaction system resulted from the force majeure as earthquake, fire, flood, war and others.

6、Other risks unforeseen, unavoidable or uncontrollable by CIRI/ the Website.

This Risk Reveals Book shall not guarantee to reveal all risks you confronted in using the online investment services of CIRI/ the Website to invest. Prior to participate in such business, the investor should understand related laws and regulations, read above Service Agreement carefully, and judge whether one can bear the investment risks in accordance with the investor’s own investment purpose, investment duration, investment experience, property status, etc.

The investor promises and guarantees to read the Risk Reveals Book carefully, understand above revealing risks and bear the losses caused by investment risks.