User Service Agreement

Article 1 Agreement Provisions and Signature

1.1 This Agreement is to constitute that you and (herein after referred to as “website”, which is developed and operated by CIRI (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.) reach consensus on the website use services. When you complete the registration and click √ at“□”, it means that you accept the provisions and terms of the Agreement and agree to be constrained by this User Service Agreement of, including but not limited to all rules already released or may be published in future by the website. If you don’t agree with this Agreement, please do not click √ at“□”, meanwhile, you are not entitled to access to the services of

1.2 You should read carefully the whole agreement before using the services of If any questions to the Agreement, please consult with the website. However, no matter whether in reality you read carefully the whole agreement before using the services of the website, only if you use the website services, then you should be bound by this Agreement. The reasons as not reading the Agreement contents or not receiving the answers of the website to your questions are not sufficient to claim the Agreement invalid or rescind the Agreement.

1.3 The website is entitled to formulate or modify the Agreement or various rules and publish on the website, not informing such information to each user separately. The updated Agreement and rules shall be effected once published on the website. If you don’t agree with such updates, you should terminate the access of website services. If you extend to use such services, it means that you accept the modified Agreement and rules.

1.4 CIRI (Beijing) Information Technology CO., Ltd. have the proprietorship and final interpretation of the website services. The registered members permitted to use website services are all short for “registered member”.

Article 2 Service Content

2.1 The registered member has access to open website information as the announcement, project profile, project video, etc. . The verified investor approved by the website is entitled to view detailed information of project page in accordance with the permissions and to send investment interest to project owner online.

2.2 The registered member has right to publish the information consistent with the website requirement at the designated page.

2.3 The website by its own operation system and internet facilitates the registered member to publish the information successfully.

Article 3 The Registered Member’s Rights and Obligations

3.1 The registered member has right to publish the information consistent with the website regulation at the designated page.

3.2 The registered member is obliged to publish the information or comments compliance with laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China and related rules of the website.

3.3 The registered member is obliged to guarantee the information submitted and published on the website true and efficient, who shall be borne the losses arose by releasing false information.

3.4 The registered member is not permitted to transfer the rights and obligations of this Agreement to any third party unless received the prior written consent of the website.

Article 4 Rights and Obligations of

4.1 The website shall audit each registered member who applies to be the verified investor, and is entitled to reject such application or the demand to publish the project.

4.2 The website shall ensure that the specific information (such as the detailed information of project page) is only open to the registered member who has permission to view.

Article 5 Disclaimer

5.1 The website is only committed to providing cyberspace and technical services. We can’t fully ensure the information submitted by the registered member is totally correct.

5.2 If the services are suspended due to website system maintenance or update, the announcement shall be made in advance. If the services are suspended due to line failure, other hardware fault out control of CIRI and other force majeure, the website shall be borne no liability of any inconveniences and losses arose by services suspending period.

5.3 If the user has no access to various services because of the website system out of work for following circumstances, the website has no liability to undertake the damage compensation. The circumstances are including but not limited to:

5.3.1 The website is in period of system suspending and maintenance that is announced at the portal;

5.3.2 The transaction data are failed to generate and transfer normally due to the fault of server, telecommunication equipment, lines and other hardware facilities;

5.3.3 The website fails to offer services for the system fault caused by force majeure as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, power outages, war, terrorist attacks, etc. ;

5.3.4 The services are suspended or delayed by other parties’ reasons as hacker attack, power system problem, technical adjustment of telecommunication sector, etc. , which are out control of the website ;

5.4 Other issues not covered in this Agreement shall be referred to the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China. If any conflicts for the Agreement and China’s laws and regulations arose, the latter shall prevail.

Article 6 Privacy Policy and Security

6.1 The website shall respect and protect the registered member’s privacy. For providing more accurate and customized services to you, the website shall use and release the personal information in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policies, and we will treat the information with highly cautious attitude. In addition to provisions of this privacy policy, the website shall not release the information publicly or to the 3rd party unless obtained your prior approval. However, following circumstances are excluded:

6.1.1 It is required to release to the 3rd party or the administrative or judicial institutions in accordance with the related provisions of laws, or the requirements of the administrative or judicial institutions;

6.1.2 If you violate any related Chinese laws, regulations or rules, the information has to be released to the 3rd party.

6.2 The website shall update the privacy policy occasionally;

6.3 For better serving for the registered member, the website shall provide you the interested information through your personal information;

6.4 The website shall guarantee the privacy security of the registered member by encryption of login password.

Article 7 Intellectual Property

7.1 The uploaded behavior of the registered member means that the registered member or the company represented by the registered member authorizes the website to enjoy irrevocable permanent use right and income right of the uploaded information. However, the registered member or the company represented by the registered member still holds the proprietorship of the uploaded information.

7.2 The registered member is obliged to ensure that the published information shall not violate 3rd party intellectual property and other rights, or else the losses caused for 3rd party and the website shall be borne by the registered member.

Article 8 Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution

8.1 The signature, efficacy, interpretation, enforcement and dispute resolution should be governed by Chinese law.

8.2 Any disputes arose from the enforcement or interpretation of any provisions of the Agreement, the registered member and the platform of should, through amiable negotiations, settle the disputes with every efforts. If the negotiation failed, both Parties should sue at the People’s Court governed .

Article 9 Validity Term and Others

9.1 The validity of this Agreement commences from the registered member’s click of “Agree” button to the day of account cancel.

9.2 If any provisions or terms of this agreement are deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

9.3 The title of this Agreement is set to facilitate user’s reading and not to be construed as the definition, restriction and explanation of the provisions and terms.