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Uganda alone on average spends $100,000,000 importing rice from Pakistan monthly, this is without counting other countries in Africa that import more rice; Nigeria ($2.6billion annually). 200 plus acres of Land are favorable for agriculture, located in Eastern Uganda, Tororo (Near Kenya) thus suitable to transport rice to both Kenya and Uganda markets. Technology and finance are the greatest challenge.

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Project Overview

Project name
Project type
Agriculture & Forestry
Project location
Project region type
Total investment amount
3.20 M USD
Investment type
Financial investment, Chinese share
Internal Rate of Return
Project developer

Project Progress

1    Project Site Survey
5    Complete Project Investment Signing
2    Project Feasibility Study Report
6    Complete Project Financing Procedure
3    Project Land Permits
7    Complete EPC Project Signing
4    Project Various Permits
8    Complete Project Construction

Project Details

World Economic Forum stated that by 2020 there’s a World food crisis and Uganda is among 6 countries that can avert this situation with the right agriculture systems in place, all countries in Africa have a trade deficit due to importation of rice of more than $5bn annually, Nigeria imports $2.6bn annually, Uganda imports $100m monthly. Rice is becoming the staple food in Africa, slowly replacing maize. The middle class is increasing 6% year on year. This project aims 1-to reduce rice import deficit in Uganda by supplying the local demand 2-to export to other African countries thus replacing foreign suppliers of rice. This project is starting from a new, buying the land to obtain land title, preparing the land for rice production, finalizing selection on best rice types, procuring the necessary machines for whole rice production process; transplanting, harvesting, hulling, milling, various technology to be used on the land ; irrigation systems, solar system to power milling machines , building warehouses for storage ,accommodation for workers on-site, interviewing process of the personnel that will be part of the project and planning a thorough access market strategy to maximize revenue. Strengths - Little to no competition -Available suitable farming land –Available affordable labor –Large market demand locally and across borders -Supportive government policies on foreign investment -foreign exchange rates Weaknesses -poor developed road network in some places may make logistics challenging -high electricity charges to run machinery -lack of technology and investors to finance project Opportunities -$100M Uganda market demand monthly -$2.6bn Nigeria annual rice import market -$6bn African countries annual rice import market Threats -Birds eating rice -rice logistic challenge -servicing and maintaining machinery

Investment Environment

FDi Intelligence global report listed Uganda in top 10 destination for foreign investment in Africa. It has a liberalized economy in which all sectors are open for investment, there’s free movement of capital in and out the country. Uganda’s GDP is $25billion with a stable economy growth averaging 5%-7%. Uganda imports $100m monthly from Pakistan. Uganda consumes 300000 tonnes of rice a year, 2.6 million tonnes of unprocessed rice is imported each month. More information in report attached

3.20 M USD

Target investment amount

0.78 M USD
Confirmed investment
Confirmed investors number:1
Co-investment deadline:2018-11-20

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