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A Brazilian company developed a photovoltaic power plant located in the northeastern region Santa Cruz city, The plant has a total capacity of 37 MWp and the owners have already won PPA contracts

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Project Overview

Project name
Project type
Renewable Energy
Project location
Brazil Rio Grande Do Norte Santa Cruz
Project region type
Total investment amount
52.00 M USD
Investment type
Joint venture, Chinese-controlled
Internal Rate of Return
Project developer

Project Video

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  • Project site video

Project Progress

1    Project Site Survey
5    Complete Project Investment Signing
2    Project Feasibility Study Report
6    Complete Project Financing Procedure
3    Project Land Permits
7    Complete EPC Project Signing
4    Project Various Permits
8    Complete Project Construction

Project Details

The solar park will be in the Town of Santa Cruz, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The Company leases the land where the solar panels and related equipment will be placed. The development work on the solar park is nearly complete. Inhare has completed studies and analyses related to solar feasibility, interconnection, financing, and solar panel supply. The Company has secured all of the land on which the solar panels will be placed. Also, the Company has completed the environmental impact studies. On October 31, 2014, Inhare entered into a renewable energy purchase agreement with different distributors through the ANEEL government-run auction system. Under the agreement, which is for a term of 20 years, these distributors agreed to purchase 30 MW of the energy generated by the Inhare solar park at a fixed price of R$218.70 per MWh (megawatt hour), with annual inflation adjustments based on the IPCA inflation index. The rest of the 7MW will be sold to the Spot market.

Investment Environment

Energy is sold to distributors through a Dutch Anglo auction system organized by the Brazilian government. The energy sold through the auctions is distributed throughout Brazil depending on energy needs so there is no geographic demand risk within the country. According to IEA (International Energy Agency), photovoltaic solar energy will represent more than 10% of the world energy matrix by 2050. Of this total, more than 60% will correspond to distributed generation (residential, commercial and industrial facilities). By 2018, Brazil must be among the 20 countries with the highest generation of photovoltaic energy. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the sector should move around R $ 100 billion and supply 2.7 million people with photovoltaic systems by 2030. The Brazilian government is currently prioritizing the expansion of solar energy capacity to ensure that the government’s targets are met. The government has specifically identified solar energy as one of the two most important forms of energy generation that Brazil would like to increase capacity for in the medium term and the market is a negligible percentage of the overall energy generation in the country now. Thus, the potential for continued expansion in the market is exceptional from both the supply and demand sides right now. In Brazil, photovoltaic solar energy will reach 7,000 MW of generation, surpassing the current mark from 0.02% to 3.5% within the total electricity capacity in Brazil until 2024, according to the Decennial Plan of Electric Energy 2024 (PDE 2024). The amount and installed capacity of photovoltaic solar projects occur in most of, many of the regions in the Northeast and Southeast of Brazil, which are the regions with the highest potential of this type of source, because they are in the areas with the highest incidence of Horizontal Global Irradiation (IGH). The municipalities of the semi-arid region of Northeastern Brazil, where the highest incidence of contracting enterprises (about 58% of contracted power) stands out.

52.00 M USD

Target investment amount

35.87 M USD
Confirmed investment
Confirmed investors number:2
Co-investment deadline:2019-03-01

Lead investor :1

  • Wuxi******Ltd.

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