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Data from the International Association of Bottled Waters indicate that Brazil ranks 4th in the world ranking of producers. It consumes more bottled water than countries like Italy, Germany, France and Spain, but lags behind the United States, Mexico (which grow, in 8.5% a year) and China, whose demand increases by 17.5% each year. The average world growth rate is 7.6% per year.

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Project Overview

Project name
Brazil Mineral Water Factory Project
Project type
Water & Gas
Project location
Brazil Catuípe Catuípe
Project region type
Total investment amount
3.60 M USD
Investment type
Financial investment, Chinese share
Internal Rate of Return
Project developer

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Project Progress

1    Project Site Survey
5    Complete Project Investment Signing
2    Project Feasibility Study Report
6    Complete Project Financing Procedure
3    Project Land Permits
7    Complete EPC Project Signing
4    Project Various Permits
8    Complete Project Construction

Project Details

General Information Production Capacity (One Plant): 80.000 Liters per day with an 8 hour shift. Average billing per day (one Plant): USD 16.200,00. The project is located in a region that favors exports to the MERCOSUR countries. The distribution will be carried out by highways that connect the main urban centers in the countries of Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Guarani aquifer It can provide water for 200 years for the entire population of the earth. It occupies 8 Brazilian states and 4 MERCOSUL countries, distributed over 1.2 million km2. The mineral water is drawn directly from the artesian well, protected by fenced house, fenced, and being pumped to elevated lung reservoirs where it is stored for bottling. These equipment, such as reservoir, pipes, filler pumps, are all built in stainless steel and hermetically sealed, to ensure complete insulation with the external environment. The circuit that the water travels from the withdrawal of the well, storage and bottling are designed to occur in the shortest possible time, reaching the maximum 90 minutes ago, which eliminates the possibility of contamination. The tanks used are stainless steel with a capacity of 60,000 liters and four production lines with a maximum capacity of 36,500 liters of water per hour will be used.

Investment Environment

ABINAM - Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industry estimates that the annual per capita consumption in Brazil is 55 liters. The international consultancy Beverage Marketing Corporation estimates per capita consumption at 90 liters and states that consumption grew 6.3 from 2012 to 2013. IBGE pointed out in the Household Budgets Survey, updated in 2010, that the average per capita acquisition of mineral water increased 27.5% from 2003 to 2009. It also indicated that in rural areas this increase was 291%. ABINAM - Brazilian Association of Mineral Water Industries (2014) shows an annual consumption of 40 liters of water per capita per year in Brazil. According to Nielsen (2014), the water market in Rio Grande do Sul grew in the last mobile year, from 2013 to 2014, 10.2%, and according to Nielsen (2013), in the mobile year 2012-2013, 75% of Porto Alegre households made at least one purchase of industrialized mineral water, and on average each household buys 67 liters per year. In the survey conducted with the consumer market in Rio Grande do Sul and Chapecó Santa Catarina (2015), it was verified that more than 60% reported buying mineral water daily or weekly. In addition, more than 60% claim to drink up to 1 liter daily, and more than 30% up to 2 liters per day. These data measure the high growth of mineral water consumption and indicate its potential for higher rates of elevation. They also show a market opportunity for those who work in the sector, from a perspective of consumer demand. For a better understanding of the competitive structure of the mineral water market for suppliers (manufacturers) and buyers (food retailers), these were grouped and classified as presented in the following topics in this part of the report.

2.50 M USD

Target investment amount

1.16 M USD
Confirmed investment
Confirmed investors number:2
Co-investment deadline:2018-08-25

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