Brazil Rio de Janeiro 2.5 MW Solar Farm

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The project involves the construction of a 2.5MW PV power plant in Duque de Caxias, Brazil. The project to deploy the plant aims to generate solar energy for the Coca-Cola plant in the municipality of Duque de Caxias, reducing the company's current energy cost by 10%.

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Project Overview

Project name
Brazil Rio de Janeiro 2.5 MW Solar Farm
Project type
Renewable Energy
Project location
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Duque de Caxias
Project region type
Total investment amount
4.68 M USD
Investment type
Joint venture, Chinese-controlled
Internal Rate of Return
Project developer

Project Video

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Project Progress

1    Project Site Survey
5    Complete Project Investment Signing
2    Project Feasibility Study Report
6    Complete Project Financing Procedure
3    Project Land Permits
7    Complete EPC Project Signing
4    Project Various Permits
8    Complete Project Construction

Project Details

The project model is BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) SYSTEM, Investor / factory installs the project, operates the same, giving all the maintenance and after term determined in contract, transfers the project to the client. In the period of Operation by the Investor is charged monthly, for the energy produced from the Project. The electric power generated in this plant will contribute to guarantee the supply of future demand and to keep the electrical matrix clean and renewable. The electric power produced by this plant will be injected into the 69.0 KV Transmission Line of Ampla (Energy Company), which interconnects to the substation. The connection of the Plant to the Transmission Line will be made from a Switching substation, standard Ampla. The power plant has a nominal power of 2.5 MW and will be installed in a Coca-Cola area of approximately 18,000 m2. The project has a lifespan of 30 years and will be constituted by about 10,000 photovoltaic modules and 20 inverters of 125 kw.
  • Location of the PV Farm
  • Daily frequency of solar radiation

Investment Environment

Brazil has experienced an impressive economic and demographic growth in the past decades. This growth is expected to continue in the next years, impacting on electricity consumption rates. The PDE 2022, the ten-year energy plan published by the government, estimates that electricity consumption (excluding self-consumption) will grow from 466,5 TWh in 2013 to 672 TWh in 2022 (PDE 2022, 2013:42), requiring investments on the diversification of the energy matrix and driving the utilization of the high potential for renewable energies. The electricity tariff is calculated considering acquisition costs, costs for the use of the transmission and distribution systems, as well as technical losses, and taxes and charges. The tariff also varies depending on the geographic area and the distribution company. For example, the tariff for the residential sector varied in 2013 from R$ 22ct/kWh (approx. 7€ct/kWh) to R$ 52ct/kWh (approx. 17€ct/kWh) (ANEEL, 2013). For the industry sector, the tariff in 2014 varies from R$ 15ct/kWh (approx. 5€ct/kWh) to R$ 44ct/kW/h (approx. 14€ct/kWh). The Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FIRJAN) estimates that approximately 35% of the electricity tariff for the industry sector is composed of taxes and other charges (FIRJAN, 2014).

4.68 M USD

Target investment amount

5.00 M USD
Confirmed investment
Confirmed investors number:3
Co-investment deadline:2017-10-14

Lead investor :1

  • Tian******Ltd.

Follow investor :2

  • Guiz******Ltd.


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