CIRI Introduction

CIRI (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is the founder of innovative business model “industryC2C” and also the comprehensive service provider to help enterprises go global.

CIRI is dedicated to providing investment and financing services for the enterprises’ overseas projects. CIRI sets up based on the pattern of “internet + industrial co-investment”. CIRI, through the means of informationization, integrates the industrial chain resources as China capital, productivity, equipment, services, etc. with the aim to facilitate Chinese enterprises invest overseas safely and high-efficiently.

CIRI is successful to assist the enterprises go global profoundly and continually along The Belt and Road countries by professional comprehensive services of online platform and offline team.

Online: Through, online services as information interaction, efficient match, risk control and industrial co-investment are customized for industrial project owners along The Belt and Road countries and China industrial investors.

Offline: Professional project consultation team provide offline services as projects offline roadshow, projects due diligence, risk control services, industrial co-investment and the deep value-added services on overseas industrial investment projects, etc. for project owners of The Belt and Road countries and Chinese industrial investors, including overseas projects study, assessment and screening, projects, overseas inspection, project signing( set up joint venture, investment services), follow-up services (localization purchase, operation service, local sales service, secondary market service, etc.)

The headquarter of CIRI is established at Beijing with branches in many countries and regions as Brazil and Hong Kong, etc. Our business focuses on PV plant, wind farm, sea water desalination, agriculture and forestry, petrochemicals, infrastructure and other sectors. We assist many Chinese enterprises go global successfully. Over 1,000,000,000 US dollars are referred to the successful cases.